Fox Sock Puppet Craft for Kids

Reading time can sometimes be so much more fun when a friendly character joins to read it aloud. This fun project was inspired by a poem, and the fox sock puppet craft for kids is so easy to replicate. Plus there is something satisfying about turning an old sock into a fun new toy and companion. Put your child’s creativity to work bringing this character to life. This is a simple DIY project that makes reading time exciting, engaging and so entertaining!


Fox Sock Puppet Craft for Kids

My fox is reading “Nobody’s Pet: A Word to the Wise from a Red Fox” by Deborah Ruddell. (You can also listen to her reading this poem in No Water River’s Children’s Poetry Place.)

What You Need to Make This Fox Sock Puppet Craft for Kids

  • A sock – preferably an orange tube sock
  • White paint
  • 2 Googly eyes
  • Black pom pom for the nose
  • Pipe cleaner for the ears
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint Brush
  • Water dish

Do all your prep work before you start painting, because you’ll be assembling most of this puppet while it is on your hand, making it a little tricky to do other things.

Step One:
Cut the pipe cleaner into 2 pieces, each piece being 4″ inches long.
Bend the pieces in half to form the ears.

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Step Two:
Get your paint and brush ready, and make sure the paint is slightly watery. If you’re using thicker paints, it will be much harder to get it to sink into the sock fibers.

Step Three:
Put the sock onto your hand, with your fingers going into the toe of the sock, and your thumb going into the heel.

Step Four:
Paint the fox’s mouth and chest using the painting guide as shown below.

Fox Puppet Painting Guide

Step Five:
Use the hot glue gun to glue the googly eyes, pipe cleaner ears, and pom pom nose onto your fox’s head. This sounds like it might be tricky, but it isn’t. Just put a small pea sized drop of the glue where you want the parts, and stick them on.

Step Six:
Have fun playing with your fox sock puppet!

If you want to make a partner puppet for your fox, you may be interested in our Giraffe Sock Puppet. Why not start your own sock puppet zoo? 😉

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