Folded Paper Organizing Box Origami Tutorial

Today I’m going to how you how to make a Folded Paper Organizing Box! These are so fast to make, and don’t require tape or glue. Plus, I even tell you how to turn this into an easy gift box!

Folded Paper Organizing Box Tutorial


  • Paper. Cut into a square.
  • Anything you can use to crease paper folds. 

Take your piece of paper and flip it so the back is facing up. Fold it in half, making a rectangle. Open it up, and fold it in half the other way. Open it back up. I drew lines on the paper so you can see where the fold lines should be.

Note: after each fold you do, run your creasing tool over the fold to make sure the folds are clean and sharp.

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Now, fold your paper in half diagonally to make a triangle. Open it back up, and fold it the other way. Open it up again. You should now have cross and x shaped fold lines like in the top right photo. Take one corner, and fold it up to the center where all the lines intersect. Do this with each corner until all the corners are folded in.

Now take the bottom edge and fold it up to the center. Crease really well.

Take the top edge and fold it to the middle as well. Unfold these last two folds. Repeat the last two folds with the right and left edges, and then open those up.

This is what your paper should look like at this point!

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Now let’s turn this into a box. I know it seems like this will never come together, but it’s really easy once you do the first one. Start by unfolding two of the corners completely, while leaving the other two still in the center as shown. Lift up the long edges to form two sides of your box. Now, see where my finger is pointing? That’s a fold that folds outwards. You want to bend this fold and the one directly opposite it inwards toward each other. This is what forms the other side of your box.

Fold the piece that pops up over the top of the folded in corners.

And smooth it down the side and bottom of the box. Look at that! You did one side. Go ahead and do the other side the same way.

And you’re all done! These boxes are great for organizing desk and bathroom drawers, and can be made smaller and bigger depending one the size of the paper you use. I used 12 inch square paper for this one, and it holds several rolls of wash tape and sticky notes.

Do you want to make a gift box? Just use a second piece of paper that is 1/2 inch larger, and that makes a perfectly sized lid!

I hope you have fun making this Folded Paper Organizing Box!

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