Fluffy Tulle Hairbow Tutorial

Fluffy Tulle Hairbow Tutorial

Hello there! I absolutely love making hair bows, and big bows are very popular right now. So today I’m going to show you a super easy way to make a big, glitzy bow with this Fluffy Tulle Hairbow Tutorial. These would be a perfect accessory to wear to a holiday party!

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Fluffy Tulle Hairbow Tutorial


  • Tulle. I like to buy these 6 inch rolls of tulle. You can find them in all craft stores in the fabric or bridal sections.
  • Something for the center. This can be some glitzy ribbon trim like I have, or a rhinestone, or a cute button.
  • Covered hair clip. Find out how to make one in my Poinsettia Hair Bow Tutorial.
  • An envelope.
  • Scissors.
  • Ruler.

Start by measuring out 9 feet of tulle, and cut it off the roll. Also cut a 1 ft piece of tulle for tying the center later. Now, take your long piece of tulle and start wrapping it around your envelope like shown, until all the tulle is wrapped around the envelope.

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Now gently pull your tulle off of the envelope, and make sure your 1 foot piece of tulle is close by. Set the tulle so the raw edges are up and down. Now go ahead and start folding your tulle accordion style, making sure the first and last folds point down so the raw edges will be at the back of the bow.

This is what it should look like. Don’t worry if you have to re fold it a few times, tulle is very forgiving. Now take your short piece of tulle, wrap it around the center, and tie it once. Go ahead and adjust the bow so it’s even and looks pretty, then tighten the knot and do a second knot to secure it.

Make sure the ends of the short piece are pointing up and down, and then put some hot glue in the center of the knot. Then press your clip onto it. Take the tulle ends, and use small dots of hot glue to overlap and glue them onto the back of the clip like shown, making sure not to glue down the moveable part of the clip. Trim the pieces short.

Now take your decorative trim, cut it down to a good width, and wrap it around the center of your bow, gluing the ends onto the clip like we did with the tulle for extra security. If you’re using a rhinestone or button center, just glue it onto the front of the bow.

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And you’re all done!

See how big and fluffy the bow is? My daughter absolutely loved it. Have fun making lots of bows with this Fluffy Tulle Hairbow Tutorial! And don’t forget that tulle comes in different varieties, so you can easily have a glitter or polkadot bow too!

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