Flower Pens Tutorial

I clearly remember the first time I saw a vase of flowers on a dining room table that actually turned out to be cleverly disguised pens! It was such a brilliant concept, and a great way to hide basic homework supplies in plain sight. I had forgotten about it until recently when I was at a local shop with my daughter, and the owner grabbed a flower out of a vase… for me to sign my receipt with! My daughter was absolutely amazed, and loved that something so practical could be made to look pretty. She asked me to buy her one somewhere, and I said “Why don’t we just make our own?” So today I’m sharing this super easy Flower Pens Tutorial that can be made in a matter of minutes with just a few supplies. You can make one or two, or a whole vase full of them if you have a family like mine that’s always going through pens. Let’s get started!
Flower Pens Tutorial

A perfect way to display these cute pens is to put them into a painted flower pot!

Flower Pens Tutorial


  • Fake flowers. Get the cheap ones! Seriously, they’re easier to work with and still look amazing.
  • Pens. I like the basic ballpoint pens for this project.
  • Floral tape. You can also use thin duct tape if you don’t like the sticky feel of floral tape. I prefer the real look of floral tape though, and as someone prone to constantly dropping pens I find the stickiness to be a big benefit!
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Start by removing the pen cap. You won’t be able to recap the pen when finished, but drying out isn’t a problem with ball-point pens. I’m going to show you two different techniques for adding your flower top. The first one is using a large single flower, and the second is using multiple smaller flowers. For the large flower, just pull the flower head off of the stem. For the smaller flowers, cut about an inch down the stem.

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You’ll need 3-5 smaller flowers per pen or one large one per pen. Take your large flower and place a line of hot glue along the short base stem, and press it against the end of the pen like shown. Then add some extra glue between the base of the flower head and the end cap of the pen to secure it.

For the smaller flowers, place a line of glue along the inch of stem we left, and press it against the back side of the pen. Repeat this with as many of the smaller flowers as fit comfortably. I used 5 for a really full top. Those are the only differences between the two styles of flowers for the pens. The rest of the project is the same for both of them.

Take your floral tape at the base of the flower, and start wrapping it wound the stem of the flower and the pen. You’ll want to wrap this section several times to make it look smooth. Make sure to lightly stretch the floral tape as you wrap. Now go ahead and work your way down the pen. When you get to the tip, wrap it around while stretching and pressing the tape to fit, and then start wrapping it back up the pen.

When you get back to the base of the flower, cut off the tape and you can add a dot of hot glue to make sure the end stays down. Now just do the same thing for your other pen, and you’re all done!

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These are super quick to make, especially after you get the hang of making the first one.

And they look so pretty on your table or study area! I hope you enjoyed this Flower Pens Tutorial!

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