First Day of School Time Capsule

When I was a teacher, I would fill folders with pictures of my little learners and some of their artwork throughout the school year. The parents always loved getting that folder at the end of the year, and it was a great way to see how much the kids grew through the school year. But, I recently saw a little twist on that idea, and I love this DIY First Day of School Time Capsule. Imagine how neat it would be to create a new one each year of your little one’s academic career and open them all on their graduation day. (Cue the tears)  

First Day of School Time Capsule

DIY First Day of School Time Capsule

DIY Time Capsule Supplies:

  • Storage box or jar.
  • Paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils.
  • Glue sticks.
  • First day of school photos, shirt, or other mementos from the first day of school. 
  • Optional – use our About Me worksheets to place inside!

This is such a fun way for you to create a special memory with your kids on the first day of school. 

Let’s get started on this sweet DIY First Day of School Time Capsule! Firstly, gather all of your supplies. This will make your project a lot easier.

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Begin by writing your little one’s name, the date, and what school and grade they are in on a sheet of paper. Then, attach it to the container you are putting everything in. 

school time capsule idea

Be sure to get a before and after school photo of your kids too. This is especially fun with younger kids that aren’t used to a full day of school.  

Then, after school, gather your mementos and place them in the container. 

You could even ask your child to write a short paragraph about their day to include in the time capsule. 

Back to school about me project for students

I think it would be fun to include photos of your child, their school, their teacher. Additionally, it would be fun to include photos of  some of their friends and bus stop area if you are able to. Then, add their paragraph. Later, you can write a little bit about their likes and dislikes, and your thoughts about their first day. And, finally, add some of their first day of school classwork. Also, you can include the shirt or hair bow they wore to school.   

DIY back to school time capsule project idea

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That’s it! This is such a fun activity. And, I hope it has inspired you to create a DIY First Day of School Time Capsule with your little ones too.

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