Fingerprint Lightning Bug Craft

Summer nights are so magical. We love being able to watch the fireflies in the fields. But, as much as we always want to catch them, we don’t. We just watch them in awe from the porch. However, when the boys were younger, we would make this fingerprint lightning bug craft every summer! And, I love looking back at their tiny fingerprints.

Fingerprint Lightning Bug Craft

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Summer Firefly Craft Project Supplies:

  • Blue construction paper.
  • Yellow paint.
  • Foil.
  • School glue. 
  • Scissors.
  • Marker.

This cute little fingerprint lightning bug craft is so easy to make. It’s also a great opportunity to teach little ones about fireflies. I was so surprised to see what they look like when they aren’t lit up. Let’s just say they are a lot more magical at night than during the day.

Let’s get started! If you are doing this fun craft with a group of little ones, it would save a lot of time to pre-cut the jars from blue construction paper ahead of time.

Once the jars are cut, roll a piece of foil to fit at the top of the jar. I added a small lip on the foil to mimic a jar lid. Then, glue the foil lid onto the top of the paper jar. You can wrap it onto the back of the paper or trim it to fit.

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Next, add a small amount of yellow paint to a paper plate or paint palette. You could also use glow in the dark paint for this craft to make it a little more fun! If your crafter is young, you may need to help them dip their finger into the yellow paint and stamp it onto the paper jar.

Finally, once the paint has dried, use a marker to add wings and antennae to the fingerprint fireflies.

That’s it! I hope this adorable fingerprint lighting bug craft has inspired you to create your own this summer.

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