Fingerprint Cherry Art Project

It is cherry season, and I am so happy! I love, love, love fresh cherries. It’s my favorite nightly snack during the summer. I also love cherry print wrapping paper, so I thought I would try making a fingerprint cherry art project. And, it turned out so well, I think I will get a large sheet of butcher paper to create my own wrapping paper!  

Make my handprint flamingo art project while you have these craft supplies out!

Fingerprint Cherry Art Project


  • Paper.
  • Red paint.
  • Green marker.
  • Optional – butcher paper or other rolled paper; or small gift tags

This project is perfect for little ones and big ones, and it’s a great way to make adorable art work or homemade wrapping paper for family gifts. You could even cut out small pieces of paper and make tags to tie onto a small bowl of cherries for friends and neighbors. I love to drop off treats for my neighbors as often as I can. 

Begin by placing a sheet of paper on the table. 

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Then, squeeze out a little bit of red paint on to a paint palette or paper plate.

Next, dip your little one’s thumb or forefinger into the red paint. If your artist is a little older, you won’t need to help them with this step or the next one. 

Now, paint two small cherries next to each other. 

Repeat this until you have as many pairs of cherries as you would like on your paper. 

Finally, use a green marker to add the stems to each pair of cherries. 


That’s it! This is such fun way to make your own artwork, tags, or even homemade wrapping paper for gifts! I hope I have inspired you to enjoy a bowl of cherries while you create gorgeous pieces of art this summer! 

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