Finger Paint Menorah Art Project

When my boys were younger, I loved it when they came home with crafts that included their hand and foot prints. I have kept nearly every one they ever gave me, and I get so sentimental looking at them all now. So, when I was thinking of creative Hanukkah art projects to share, I knew I wanted to incorporate hand prints. And, this finger paint menorah art project is such a sweet way to celebrate the season!

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Finger Paint Menorah Art Project

Hanukkah  Art Project for Kids Supplies:

  • Card stock paper.
  • Yellow and blue paint and paint brushes. 

This art project is so simple, but so very meaningful for several reasons. And, you can create the menorah before Hanukkah and then add a little fingerprint flame to a “candle” each day of Hanukkah. It’s a great craft for little ones to enjoy for the entire Hanukkah season.

Let’s get started.

First, gather your supplies to make this darling finger paint Menorah.

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We used a paint brush to paint a little bit of blue paint on to each of my youngest son’s fingers.

Then, he carefully placed his hands onto the card stock paper. He left a small space for the ninth “candle” to be added to the middle.

We repainted his index finger and he placed it in the middle of the eight candles.

Finally, we painted a little bit of yellow paint on his thumb and he added thumbprint yellow flames to each candle. You could also add a little bit of orange and red paint to give the flames a little more depth, but we liked the simplicity of the single color flames.

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I mentioned how much I love handprint art projects, and how special they all are to me so many years later, so I hope this simple craft inspires you to create your own finger paint menorah art project.

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