Finger Paint Leaf Craft for Kids

This is one of my very favorite projects ever! I have always loved finger painting, and this project turned out so well, it truly just reinforced that love. This finger paint wooden leaf is perfect for artists of all ages. I love being able to use the same supplies and techniques for art projects for all age groups. You can use wood or paper to make this pretty little leaf. But, I really love the way the Finger Paint Leaf Craft turned out!

Finger Paint Leaf Craft for Kids

Finger Paint Leaf Craft Project

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Leaf Craft Supplies:

  • Wooden Leaves – I was able to buy five for just a dollar at the dollar store.
  • Red paint and yellow paint.
  • Paint palette or paper plate.
  • Optional – Heavy paper, scissors, and our leaf templates

Let’s get started on this beautiful Fall leaf painting! If you aren’t able to find wooden leaves, cut out a leaf shape from heavy paper. If the artists are a little older, they can certainly cut out their own leaves.

Next, add a little bit of yellow and red paper to a paint palette or paper plate.

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Now, it’s time to have a little fun! First, dip your fingertip into one color of paint and add a generous amount to the leaf. Then, repeat this step this with both paint colors, overlapping them on the leaf to get a beautiful autumn color mix. It’s important to add a lot of paint to the leaf, and let the colors bleed together. Finally, let the paint dry on the leaf. You can add more layers of paint if you need to.

That’s it! I hope this project has inspired you to create your own finger paint wooden leaf art project! It’s a beautiful addition to Fall decorating. You can even use it as a pretty place setting for Fall dinners, or even as a unique gift tag. I love versatile projects. And, this finger paint leaf project is definitely one that can be used in many ways!

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