Fine Motor Practice Worksheets – Get Ready for Preschool!

Are your children entering preschool or kindergarten for the first time? Woo hoo! How exciting!! As a mom, this marked a huge milestone for my own kids’ independence. They loved school in the early days, and we always did fun worksheets in our house to get them ready to be in the classroom. We were a crafty family, so they had plenty of practice with crayons and pencils. So we created a fun set of school-themed fine motor practice worksheets for your children to do the same. All eight have a similar theme of tracing lines, tracing and matching, or drawing a line through a cute maze. All are very easy, but at least provide a tiny bit of a challenge so that your kids can start using their deductive reasoning skills a bit, too. You can also use these worksheets to help get your children comfortable with the idea of going to school for the first time. This produces anxiety in many kids, so exposing them consistently to activities they will experience in the classroom is helpful.

Fine Motor Practice Worksheets

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Fine Motor Practice Worksheets

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