Father’s Day Mug Craft for Kids to Make

Make an Etched Glass Mug Kids Craft for Father's Day

It’s almost Father’s Day! I have been a slacker on putting up any good Father’s Day crafts, so I figured it’s about time I actually do one.

This is SLICK looking gift that is SURPRISINGLY¬†easy to make. I’ve never been a fan of necktie crafts, anyway. So here’s an idea to make something that dad, papa, pawpaw, daddy, poppy, or your father will actually like and want to use!

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What You Need to Make These Etched Glass Mugs for a Father’s Day Kids Craft

  • Alphabet stickers
  • A glass mug (the one we used we got at the dollar store)
  • Masking Tape
  • Circle labels (like the ones used for garage sale price tags)
  • Glass etching cream
  • Glass cleaner
  • Old paint brush

Once again, you can tune into a video from the Woo! Jr. Kids Activities YouTube channel for the visual instructions, but I’ll also write them out for you here!

  1. Clean the surface of the glass that you are going to etch with glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth.
  2. Add the alphabet stickers to the center of the front of the glass.
  3. Frame the word you made by making a box around it with masking tape.
  4. Place four circle labels at each corner to make a fancy frame around the word.
  5. Go over the stickers, tape and labels with your fingernail or just fingertips to make sure that the adhesive is fully stuck to the glass.
  6. Add glass etching cream over the framed area with an old paint brush – don’t touch the cream with your skin (if you do, just rinse it off right away). Make sure you put on a THICK, even coat of the cream so that you cannot see the glass through cream at all. If you put it on unevenly or too thinly, it won’t etch the glass evenly, either.
  7. Leave the etching cream on the glass for 60 seconds and rinse it off.
  8. Clean the glass again with the glass cleaner, and wash the glass in the sink or dishwasher before using it for drinking

That’s it! This of course works on any kind of glass, but not on plastic, by the way. Don’t they look great?! Grab some homemade bottled root beer to make it an extra special gift for Father’s Day!

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