Father’s Day Gift Idea – Photo Measuring Tape

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. And, my husband, like me, has a special fondness for gifts the kids have made for him. Our boys are at that in between age where they are too old to draw him a picture, but too young to have a real paying job. And, they want him to have something he will use regularly. But, this awesome Father’s Day gift idea is great for kids of all ages to make for Dad. And, it only takes a few minutes to make a gift Dad will love for years to come!

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Father’s Day Tape Measure Gift Idea


  • 1 Tape Measure – this one was less than $2 at the store.
  • Photo of the kids or the kids and dad. 
  • Glue.
  • Scissors or paper punch.
  • Pencil and tape roll or similar circle template.

This project is great for little ones to make for their dad or grandpa for Father’s Day. It would even be a simple and affordable classroom project.

My boys are really excited to give their dad a custom tape measure, and I can’t wait to see my husband’s face when he opens his presents on Father’s Day.

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Begin this project by finding a photo of the kids. You can use a photo with all of the kids or the kids with their dad.

Once you have chosen the photo, cut it out in a circle shape to fit in the middle of the tape measure. We traced a roll of tape to use as a circle template. (Our photo was printed on photo paper, but it would work on standard printer paper as well.) A paper punch would make this step even easier, but we didn’t have the correct size punch.

After the photo is cut to fit on the tape measure, apply glue to the back of the photo. We used a glue stick for this, but you could use a stronger glue if you want.

That’s it! I hope I have inspired you to create a fun and useful Father’s Day gift with your kids!

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