Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Why do we love farm animals so much? Hard to say. We live in a semi-rural area with lots of active working farms. Even as a grown woman, I still get excited when I see grazing cows and horses as we’re driving around on errands! Plus, I have a goal to own chickens someday… if only our town’s zoning laws would get in line. 🙂 We get farm fresh eggs from a friend in town – your kids don’t have to be little to be absolutely smitten with egg laying chickens! My 12 and 19 year old were just as amazed as they would have been when they were little kids.

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Farm Animal Color By Number Pages

For kids starting to work with number and color recognition (ages 3-6), let them give color-by-number a try instead of just regular coloring pages. It will also encourage fine motor skills by encouraging them to color in the lines. Not that coloring outside the lines is a bad thing – it’s only bad if your kid WANTS to stay in the lines and can’t do it! 🙂

Barnyard Coloring Pages

We have a working farm near our home that just added two baby calves to their family. I had no idea how irresistibly adorable baby cows can be! They are so fluffy and cute, definitely worth a visit to your own local farm or children’s zoo if you can.

But farm cows aren’t the only cuteness hanging around in the barnyard. Check out these super-cute farm animal coloring pages of all sorts of farm animals, including horses, pigs, roosters, sheep and, of course, cows!

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