Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by Woo! jr. Network readers:

Can I use a copy of your printables in my own project?

We only allow the use of our printables in the following ways:

  1. All of our site visitors can make unlimited copies of our printables for their own personal use.
  2. All teachers and educators can make unlimited copies of our printables for their own teaching and educational purposes. This does not include commercial publications created for educators.
  3. All students have unlimited use our printables for school projects.
  4. Government and not for profit entities may (in addition to the above usage allowances) include copies of our printables in hand-outs for groups or events provided prior permission is requested (contact us here for permission).

Here are some situations in which you CANNOT use Woo! Jr. printables:

  1. As artwork for commercial products
  2. As part of a logo
  3. For inclusion in a commercial publication
  4. Reposting on another website (you may include a thumbnail no larger than 400 x 300 pixels provided you provide a link to the page on our websites where the original content is located).

All other uses are determined on a case by case basis (again, contact us here for permission).

Can you help me with my printer problem? I can’t get your printables to print.

Every printer is different, so we can’t troubleshoot every problem. But here are some common ways to fix print errors:

  • Be sure you are using our “Click to Print” button on our print pages – this button will block all ads and only send the printable page to your printer.
  • Be sure you have JavaScript turned on in your browser, because our Click to Print button uses JavaScript. Here’s how to turn on JavaScript in case you don’t know.
  • You may have previously printed something from another website with special printer settings. For example, if you printed a chart scaled at 50% elsewhere recently, your printer settings may still be set to print everything at 50%. Check your printer settings to ensure they are accurate.
  • Rarely, browsers have a cacheing issue. Try clearing your cache and starting over.

Why can’t I download your large images to my own computer?

Sadly, we have had to disable this feature because other websites were frequently stealing our images. If you see our printables on another website, you can rest assured that they are content thieves with lots of bad karma hanging over their heads. Please let us know if you see this happen so that we can take the appropriate legal action against them.