Fancy Feather Pen Craft

Fancy Feather Pen Craft

Today I’m sharing how to make this Fancy Feather Pen Craft! These are so quick and easy to make, and look just adorable. Keep reading to find out how to make these, step by step!

Fancy Feather Pen Craft


  • Small feather boa.
  • Ribbon.
  • Glue gun.
  • Scissors.
  • Pen. I used a click pen because that’s what I had, but basic pens work even better.
  • Lighter or fray check. To seal the end of the ribbon.

If you’re using a pen with a clip, start off by removing the clip. This is probably the most difficult part, and might require pliers. I recommend using basic plain pens for this craft, but some days you work with what you have! Also, this design allows you to easily access the click end of the pen if you prefer those.

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Cut two pieces of your feather boa that are each about the length of your pen. Take one of the pieces, and glue each end to one side of the end of your pen. If you are using a click pen, make sure you don’t get glue in the click mechanism. So right now your pen should have a fuzzy loop on the top. Next, glue the other piece of feather boa in the same way, but crossing over the previous one. It should look like an X from the top, and the ends should be glued on all 4 sides like a square.

Fluff it up, and the top is done! You can still click the pen easily, but it’s hidden between the feathers.

Smooth all the feather upwards, and glue one end of your ribbon as high up on the pen as you can, at an angle. Keep the ribbon on the spool, because the amount you need will vary. Start wrapping the ribbon down the pen, putting a small dot of hot glue every 2 or 3 wraps to help secure it in place. At the tip of your pen, trim the ribbon and finish the end by using fray check or heat sealing with a lighter. Then glue the end of the ribbon down.

And you’re all done! Seriously, how easy was that? You can make these in any color you can find supplies in. These are great for gifts, events, fundraisers, all kind of things. I hope you have fun making this Fancy Feather Pen Craft!

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