Fall I Spy Games for Kids

“I Spy with My Little Eye” was one of the first games we played with our children. And although our girls are older now, we still play it together while traveling in the car, in waiting rooms, at restaurants and during our walks. Today we’re bringing this traditional game to you on paper! These fall I Spy games for kids make an ideal activity to print and stow away in your “rainy day” file. They are perfect worksheets to use at home, during trips and in the classroom.

Fall I Spy Games for Kids

I Spy games for kids are not only recreational fun, they help hone counting, sorting and concentration skills. Use them during family game night. Print an activity page for each member of the family. Pass out crayons or colored pencils. Set the timer for a minute or two. And the race is on!

Fall I Spy Games for Kids

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