Fall Find the Difference Activities

What do you look forward to most about fall? Is it the artwork in nature as the colors change? Are there certain traditions you and your family look forward to most: apple picking, pumpkin carving, or autumn bonfires? We all seem to have our favorite fall activities that spark our senses. Jumping into a freshly raked leaf pile is often a young child’s highlight of the autumn season. As an indoor alternative, your child will love the challenge of jumping into these fall find the difference activities!


Each find the difference activity page captures the beautiful colors of fall. So aside from being a captivating screen free activity, this set of printables provides a vast array of conversation starters. Take a few minutes to talk with your child about all the differences found while comparing the two pictures. Then, consider visiting more about the illustration and/or asking some of these questions.

  • Tell me about what’s happening in this picture.
  • What are your favorite colors within this picture?
  • Who or what is the main character or feature of this picture?
  • What animals do you think are hiding in that tree?
  • What is going to happen next?

Fall Find the Difference Activities

Also, be sure to check out The BIG Book of Find the Difference, one of our latest activity books FILLED with fun!

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