Fall Acorn Mini People Craft

We live in a neighborhood filed with old oak trees. Lately I’ve been walking the kids to school a lot – and have been coming home with my pockets full of acorns. I had no idea that there were so many different varieties, especially in a neighborhood in which all the oak trees look pretty much the same!

Fall Acorns

Fall Acorns

After a few days my bowl started overflowing, and I started coming up with ideas for acorn crafts. They really are little beauties, and they simply scream to be transformed into cute little acorn people!

Acorn Crafts

Acorn Crafts

How to Make Acorn Craft People

Making Acorn Crafts

Making Acorn Crafts

All you need to make these acorn people is paint, something wooden for the body, a hot glue gun and a little imagination.

The wooden ball and spool I got at Hobby Lobby for super-cheap in the wood crafts section. I chose some beautiful fall colors and got out my tiniest paint brush to dab on the eyes and nose. This was a little tricky, mostly because it’s been forever since I’ve painted and my hands aren’t used to having to be so precise! But you can just wipe off the mistakes, if you make any, to get the faces just right.

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Paint the body next, and you can make it up as you go along. I found that the more detailed I could be, the cuter they turned out. I even debated putting tiny Swarovski crystals onto the coat buttons, but that would have required another trip to the store.

Once the paint is dry just dab a tiny amount of glue onto the bottom of the acorn and pop it on top of the body. Hold it for a bit to make extra sure it’s at the angle you want.

I’m saving the rest of my acorns for some Christmas crafts, I just hope they last! They seem to like to split and fall apart after a while. Pffft.

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