Essential Workers Coloring Pages

How do we begin to adequately thank our essential workers during this challenging time? These essential workers coloring pages bring a little light into the appreciation we have for those that are showing up daily. One of our artists sent these darling images of working sloths and we had to share them with you. We’re hoping they’ll provide some creative entertainment for your child.

Thank you to our medical heroes, healthcare providers and caregivers. Thank you to our postal service workers and delivery people. We are so thankful for our educators, teachers and school administration staff members; to our firefighters, paramedics and police offers. We thank our agricultural workers, grocery store workers and food service providers; our technology experts and manufacturer workers. Thank you to everyone working from home remotely to ensure our needs are met. Thank YOU for showing up daily with dedication and commitment to ensure your children and students are engaged and learning in creative ways. YOU ARE A HERO.

Essential Workers Coloring Pages

The list of those working to keep our society functioning is endless. Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of essential workers that we can thank and support during this pandemic (via Newsweek).

To all the essential workers across the world, THANK YOU. We appreciate you ALL and are grateful for everything you are doing to keep our communities and our world going.

What conversations are you having with your child about how our essential workers are serving your family, neighborhood, community and country? We appreciate our readers more than words can express and always love hearing from you!

Essential Workers Coloring Pages

And here are some flower adult coloring pages for you to enjoy while your little is coloring. 😉

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