Endangered Animals Coloring Pages: Animals from North America, the Rainforest & the Ocean

Most of these endangered animals once lived in your own back yard if you live in the United States, Mexico or Canada. Today, growing cities and development are threatening the native homes of these beautiful endangered species.  The subject of endangered animals can be a tricky one to bring up with kids.  How do you balance the truth of the situation with optimism for making things better? Getting to know these animals is a good starting point.  Each faces its own unique threats, and by learning about their habitats and the role they play in the ecosystem, we can help our children think of solutions to the ongoing problems these endangered animals experiences.  In addition to using these endangered animals coloring pages, you and your child might find it interesting to learn about rescue organizations and other ways people are helping these amazing creatures.

27 Endangered Animal Coloring Pages

Here are 27 endangered animal coloring pages in three sections – animals from North America, from the rainforest, and ocean animals.

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Animals from North America

From cute and snuggly to ferocious and scary, each animal has its own place in keeping our planet in balance.  Unfortunately, that balance can be disrupted when one species is endangered or extinct.  For example, bats eat mosquitoes.  Fewer bats means more mosquitoes, and that’s not something any of us want!

9 Most Endangered Rainforest Animals Coloring Pages

The destruction of the rainforests world-wide has a tremendous impact on the animals that depend on this type of habitat for their survival.  Some of the most mysterious and majestic creatures make their homes in the moist environment of the rainforest.  They crawl, swim, climb, and fly and are each an important part of keeping our planet healthy.

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Endangered Ocean Animal Coloring Pages

The diversity of sea life is amazing, with new species still being discovered all the time!  Still, there are many animals that are finding it harder and harder to survive in our oceans for many different reasons.  What can we do to make a difference?

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