Elf on the Shelf Ideas & Printables

We received an Elf on the Shelf as a gift for my daughter’s first Christmas. I have to be honest with you. Over the years I had seen hundreds of social media posts about this little elf. It was a bit overwhelming to witness some of the elf antics that went on through the month of December. And frankly, it looked like too much work for me. I feared I would drop the ball and forget to move our elf around one night, devastating my girls and shattering the magic of Christmas. 😉 Thus, I had absolutely NO intention of unpacking that box, nor did I for five years. Until my neighbor finally convinced me to unveil our little Christmas friend and keep it simple. So I did!! My family LOVES the tradition, and, surprisingly, so do I.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas & Printables

Keep it Simple!

Over the years I’ve replicated many ideas and even come up with some of my own. I now have a simple system that helps me prepare for our elf’s adventures and brings so much joy to my family. So now I am sharing with you some of my favorite elf on the shelf ideas & printables to make your elf’s excursions simple too! My biggest tip if you’re embarking upon this new tradition is to KEEP IT SIMPLE and HAVE FUN with it. Plan ahead to ensure you have the supplies you need. Most likely, you can plan your elf’s adventures around things you already have. Our elf arrives on December 1st with a simple breakfast of donuts or sugary cereal that I normally wouldn’t get for the girls. There is always an “I’m Back!” letter from our elf, reminding the kiddos not to touch him so not to lose his magic. Then every day he hides himself and leaves a little message, treat or mischievous mess to clean up.Elf on the Shelf Ideas & Printables

Elf on the Shelf Ideas & Printables

Here you’ll find printable stationery and note cards with ideas as well as blank pages to create your own messages. If your elf gets stuck or forgets to move one night, don’t worry. It’s happened in our home plenty of times. Our elf always seems to come up with a good excuse as to why he didn’t budge. 😉

Check out our Dear Santa letter templates too!

Our Christmas Activity Book (pictured above!) is a fabulous gift FILLED with activities for kids ages 3-12! 

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