Educational Printables from My First Book of Toddler Activities

We couldn’t wait another minute to get you this set of educational printables from My First Book of Toddler Activities! Scheduled for release in November, this activity book is a valuable educational resource to add to any preschool or homeschool curriculum! You’ll be a hero as you help your child learn letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and more! With activities designed specifically for toddlers, this brand new activity book makes learning fun and rewarding for toddlers and parents.

Toddlers learn best when having fun! More than just an ABC book, toddlers learn skills necessary for success in preschool and beyond! Our mission is to help your child:

  • develop fine motor skills
  • enhance color and shape recognition
  • strengthen hand-eye coordination
  • build critical thinking & problem-solving skills

Activities for toddlers are a must-have! Between ages 2 and 4, toddlers grow exponentially and are eager to learn about themselves and the world. These printables from My First Book of Toddler Activities provide a sneak peak of the captivating and engaging content your child will receive. With over 150 activities for toddlers, the opportunities to learn feel endless! Within this book you’ll find:

  • Fundamental learning concepts, such as letters, numbers, shapes, colors, simple words, and counting.
  • Bold Lines to support fine motor skill development and help toddlers learn to color within the lines.
  • 150+ illustrations to reinforce fine motor skills and recognition of familiar images.

And one of the greatest benefits – there are 150+ toddler activities to keep youngsters engaged and parents from running out of activities.

Educational Printables from My First Book of Toddler Activities

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