Easy Tied Christmas Ribbon Wreath

Today I have a tutorial for an easy tied ribbon wreath. This can be made classic, trendy, or fun depending on what ribbon you use!

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Here’s what you need:

  • a small foam wreath
  • one or more colors of ribbon of your choice (at least 10 yards, preferably double sided)
  • scissors
Note: the sewing pins pictured above are not needed. They just snuck in the photo.

We’re going to start by cutting our ribbon strips. This is going to depend on the size of your wreath form, so I suggest cutting one piece and tying it to see how it looks before cutting them all. For my small wreath, the perfect length was 15 inches.

Take your ribbon strip and center it on the underside of your wreath, with the pattern facing down if it’s not double sided.

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Bring the ends up and over the wreath to meet at the ends, and tie a double knot.

Tie another knot with your next color.

And slide that knot next to the first one, making sure they are both facing up and tight together. Repeat all around your wreath until the is only 3 inches of bare wreath left.


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Now we’re going to make the center bow. Take a long piece of ribbon, and center it around your wreath in the bare spot.

Tie it in a double knot just like the ones your were making earlier.

And finish it off with a neat bow, just like the kind you use to tie shoe laces.

All done! A quick and easy wreath that looks cute just about anywhere!


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  1. Jillian

    My mum used to make a wreath like this using a wire coat hanger pulled into a circle (the hook of the hanger becomes the way to hang the wreath, or you can snip if off with wire cutters). Instead of ribbon, she used strips of festive fabric that she cut using pinking shears. It’s a cheaper alternative to ribbon.

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