Easy St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Shamrock Garland

Since I”m not Irish, I’ve never really made St. Patrick’s Day crafts before. But because I needed some for the site, I made a few last weekend. Now I wish I was Irish – playing with the color green is so much fun! I must have looked a little silly at Hobby Lobby – every single thing in my cart was green.

St. Patrick's Day Garland Craft

St. Patrick’s Day Garland Craft

My kids were was more excited than I thought they would be about this shamrock garland. The little ones hadn’t done any crochet before, and were fascinated by it. My 7 year old was certainly frustrated at first when she tried it. But when she saw her big brother master it, she gave it another shot and was beside herself in glee that she did it. Since this garland only requires one strand of single crochet, it is the perfect project to introduce kids to crochet because it is so easy. The hardest part was showing them how to hold the yarn and hook. Once they got that figured out, they were well on their way!

What you Need to Make this Shamrock Garland

Green yarn

Green pipe cleaners

Really – that’s it!

How to Make this Shamrock Garland

First create a crochet chain stitch in the length of the garland you want to make. Here’s a really excellent chain stitch tutorial if you don’t know how to do this part already:

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Then make your pipe cleaner shamrocks – 2 or three per ‘loop’ length. These are easy-peasy. I showed my 7 year old how to do them just once and within 15 minutes we had 10 of them sitting around.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Shamrocks

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Shamrocks

Simply wrap the pipe cleaner around all four fingers, slip them off, then bend the long end around the middle to make the stem.

Then thread them onto your crochet strand, hang and enjoy!

Shamrock Garland Craft

Shamrock Garland Craft

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  2. Penney

    Looks so festive,and charming.Brought back memories of my Mother,she was a Crocheting Wonder!I was so excited when I saw how simple this project is,because this is one stitch I can easily remember being taught by my Mother,that I can teach to my children and share this craft as well as memories with,to top it off we’re Irish,well part.lol

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