Easy Snowflake Ornament Craft

Snowflake Ornament Tutorial

It’s time to make some fun new Christmas ornaments, and today I’m sharing this Easy Snowflake Ornament Craft that’s perfect for little kids to make! Plus it’s a great way to keep them busy while you’re busy getting everything ready for the holidays! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, these can be made to hang in the windows or along a bookshelf for cute winter decorations too! Here’s what you’ll need.

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Easy Snowflake Ornament Craft


  • Pipe cleaners.
  • Pony beads.
  • Yarn or ribbon.
  • Scissors or wire cutters.

Start by taking two pipe cleaners, and cutting them in half. You’ll have 4 pieces. Take two of them, and hold them in an X shape, and twist them together in the middle. Add one more piece, and twist that in place too.

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Take you last piece of pipe cleaner, and twist that one in too, and you’ll have a snowflake with 8 points. Now it’s time to go ahead and decorate it! Just fill up each point with pony beads, leaving enough pipe cleaner at the ends to fold over the end bead to secure them all on. Go ahead and fill up each point, and you can do a pattern or keep it totally random. It’s up to you!

When you get to your last point, wait before folding over the end. Cut a 6 inch piece of yarn or ribbon, and tie the ends together to form a loop. Then fold the end of the last point over the yarn loop to make a hanger for your ornament.

And you’re all done!

Now go ahead and make a bunch more! You can go crazy with different colors and types of pipe cleaners and beads. Plus this craft is great for groups of kids of varying ages, so it’s even fun to have supplies ready at a holiday party to keep the kids occupied. I hope you all enjoyed this Snowflake Ornament Tutorial and have a wonderful holiday!

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