Easy Preschool Seasons Activity Pages

Let’s bring some color and FUN into the theme of the four seasons! We’ve put together these Easy Preschool Seasons Activity Pages to help make this an exciting subject for your little one.

Learning about the seasons helps children understand change and the passage of time. Also, all of these activities help develop and hone fine motor skills in a fun imaginative way. Practice tracing, coloring, cutting and pasting. Find your way through a fun autumn maze and practice alphabet letter recognition. (My favorite is coloring and designing your own fall sweater.) Above all, your preschooler will be engaged and will get to exercise his/her imagination!

Easy Preschool Seasons Activity Pages


While you’re working on these activity sheets, talk about the changes in the weather and the different types of clothes we wear during each season. Use these worksheets as conversation starters about the temperature outside and how it feels to experience hotter and cooler weather.

You might also like our Weather Coloring Pages to help explain the different seasons.

Easy Preschool Seasons Activity Pages

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