Easy New Years Popper to Make

Let’s learn how to make this Easy New Years Popper! This fun little celebration craft is cute and easy to make. Plus you can easily use it for more holidays! We love versatile projects. Let’s get started!

Easy DIY New Year’s Eve Popper

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Easy New Years Popper Supplies:

  • 2 Sheets of Colored Construction Paper.
  • Balloon.
  • Small Paper Cup. 
  • Scissors.
  • Optional – Pom Poms

Begin by cutting the bottom of the paper cup out. Be sure to leave the rim of the cup, just cut the bottom of the cup around the rim. This will keep your popper stabile.

Next, blow up the balloon, and then let the air out. Cut off the bottom (fat) part of the balloon about 1/2″ from the bottom.

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Now, stretch the fat, cut part of the balloon over the bottom of the cup. You may need an extra pair of hands to hold the cup for this step. Then, tie the balloon closed.

Next, cut the construction paper in to small squares. This is a great fine motor activity for little ones. The squares need to be smaller than a dime. If you cut two full pages of construction paper, you will have plenty of confetti for the poppers. However, you can use pom poms instead of paper confetti for the same result with a lot less mess.

Finally, fill the cup popper with paper confetti or pom poms and pull the balloon tale.

Easy New Years Popper Party Craft

Kids will absolutely LOVE having permission to make a small ‘mess’ and enjoy the heck out of the confetti flying through the air. You could turn this into a hunt and seek game, sending the kids around the house to find other safe things to put into their poppers to pop into the air! Cotton balls, Legos, even a little dog food could be used. The bonus of using the dog food is that the DOG gets to clean it up!

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That’s it! You’re ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve or even Noon Year’s Eve!


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