Easy Mother’s Day Card Craft

When the boys were younger they all made me the most adorable I love mom because cards. I still have them, and I still love to look at them from time to time. When I was a teacher I did something similar with my little learners, so, I thought it would be fun so put the two ideas together to create a sweet and meaningful, but super easy Mother’s Day gift idea! This Mother’s Day card craft just needs some construction paper and love for Mom – easy, peasy!

Easy Mother's Day Card Craft

Mother’s Day Card Craft Made with Construction Paper

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I Love You Because Card Project Supplies:

  • Construction paper.
  • Scissors.
  • School glue.
  • Sharpie or other markers. 
  • Optional – two hole punches.

This easy Mother’s Day gift project is great for critical thinking and is so fun to look back on as your kids get older. Let’s get started.

I like to gather all of my supplies before I start on any project.

First, cut out one larger circle, and five to six smaller circles. If you are cutting this with scissors, you could make the smaller circles look more like flower petals. But, the paper punches make quick work of this task and work just as well.

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Next, cut out the flower stem and leaves.

Now, the flower is ready to be glued onto the paper. We glued the flower stem onto the paper first. Then we glued the larger circle and added the smaller circles around it. Finally, we glued the leaves onto the flower stem.

Next it was time to fill in the reasons we love mom! In the larger circle I wrote I love mom because…and then I wrote out the reasons on the flower petals.

Construction Paper Mother's Day Card DIY

This project is great for older pre-school and younger elementary school aged kids. The older kids can absolutely do this project independently. However, the younger ones will still need a little more help making this easy Mother’s Day gift.

I hope this sweet and thoughtful gift idea has inspired you to create a lovely gift for mom this year!

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