Easy Halloween Handprint and Paper Bag Crafts

These paper bag and handprint crafts are great for younger children. Some are simple enough for even toddlers to do.

20 Halloween Handprint and Paper Bag Crafts

Halloween Handprint Crafts

I’ve been working for months on getting our Halloween content ready to roll. Like check out these printable Halloween masks, pumpkin stencils, and now, a righteous collection of Halloween handprint crafts! *Does a dorky happy dance*. We love handprint crafts in our family, and these almost never get tossed when an organizing frenzy overtakes me. I love finding old hand prints and seeing just how much my little ones have grown. (Side note: when they are teenagers these old handprint crafts become almost surreal. Guess how I know?! 😉 )


Construction Paper Bat

Painted Black Handprint Cat



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Cute Halloween Handprint Owl

Footprint Halloween Wreath

Handprint and Footprint Ghosts

Halloween Witch Hand

Bat Halloween Craft

Hallowen Handprint Spider

Halloween Paper Bag Crafts

I just love paper bag crafts – they are so simple, so easy for little kids, and yet they normally turn out looking so great! I fell in love with the owl paper bag craft on the far right a few weeks ago, so it has inspired me to find a whole set of great Halloween paper bag crafts. The BEST thing about paper bag crafts is that you can almost always do them, because you almost always have the supplies just sitting around the house! For all of these, you can either complete or adapt them to only need one other material: construction paper.

Paper Bag Bat



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Garbage Bag Vampire Craft



Frankenstein Paper Bag Puppet

Black Cat Bag Craft

Egg Carton Eyes Owl

Paper Bag Owl

Fall Leaf Paper Bag Owl

Owl Gift Bag Craft

Paper Bag Pirate Puppet

Paper Bag Pumpkin

Farm Animal Craft Kits

Peel & Stick Paper-Bag Puppets

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