Easy Custom Kitty Ear Headphones

I’m so excited today to show you how to make your own Easy Custom Kitty Ear Headphones! These are removable, won’t damage your headphones, and can be made in any color. Plus, you can change the shape to be bunny ears, bear ears, or any animal ear you think would be cute. I’m showing you step by step how to make your own pattern because headphones come in so many different shapes and sizes, and you can make your ears fit your headphones perfectly.

Easy Custom Kitty Ear Headphones

Mine ended up being a bit tall for standard kitty ears, so they look more like fox ears, but they’re still super cute! Plus, I love how inexpensive these are to make. The gamer headphones with built in ears are usually very expensive. Today I’m using a pair of “free with purchase” headphones that my daughters use for school, but if you don’t already have over ear headphones you can find some great affordable sets on Amazon and then customize them. Let’s get started!

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Easy Custom Kitty Ear Headphones


  • Over-ear Headphones
  • Felt in two coordinating colors
  • Velcro. I’m using the kind used for sewing on, because it takes hot glue well.
  • Small amount of fiber fill (or you can use cotton balls!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

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Let’s start by making a pattern for our ear. First I like to place the headphones along the bottom of the felt to get the curve of the headpiece right. Trace along that curve. Decide how tall you want your ear to be, and place dot at the highest point. Now go ahead and draw the shape of your ear. You can also do this on paper if you don’t like drawing straight on felt.

Cut out your ear and check it against your headphones to make sure the curve lines up well. Now you can use this ear as a pattern piece to cut out 3 more. For the inside of the ear, trace the gray ear piece on your pink felt (or a scrap piece of paper). Use this as a guide to draw the inner ear to the size and shape you want it to be. Make sure the inside of the ear is touching the curve at the bottom!

Go ahead and cut out two of those. Now use your gray ear to mark the width of the band we’re going to make. Cut a piece of felt that’s as wide as your ear at the base and long enough to wrap around the head piece of your headphones.

Cut it off just short enough that it doesn’t touch the other side when overlapped. Now take your velcro and measure it out just slightly thinner than the width of your band.

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And cut 2 pieces of the hook side and two pieces of loop. Yay! All the prep work is done. Now it’s time to assemble our kitty ears. Take two of your gray ear pieces, put hot glue along the two long sides of one ear, and sandwich the two pieces together. Leave the base unglued. Now add some glue to one of your pink ears.

And press it onto your gray ear. Let it set for a few seconds. Now you can see how the inside of your ear has a little pocket for stuffing. Use a tiny bit of fiberfill or a cotton ball (or even scrap fabric!) to lightly stuff the inside of your ear. Now take some hot glue and place it all around the edges of the opening.

And press it down onto the center of your felt band. Now you’re just going to hot glue the hook side of the tape to the underside of the band on the front of the ear. Then glue the loop tape to the top of the band on the back side of the ear. Let the glue set, and then you’re good to wrap your ear around your headphones!

Isn’t it so cute? Now make another one!

Easy Custom Kitty Ear Headphones

I love that these are easily removable because you can make a whole bunch of different ear styles to decorate your headphones with. Adding a bit of cute and playful to your accessories can make school and work so much more fun.

Easy Custom Kitty Ear Headphones

I hope that you all enjoyed learning how to make these Easy Custom Kitty Ear Headphones with me!

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