Easy Cereal Bars Recipe

Easy Cereal Bars Recipe

Hello! Today I’m sharing my Easy Cereal Bars Recipe! This is super fast, super simple, super addictive, and not at all even close to healthy. It’s perfect for when you just need a quick yummy treat, and it’s also a great bake sale recipe too! Here’s what you’ll need!

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Easy Cereal Bars Recipe


  • Cereal! I like Lucky Charms, but you can use any cereal you like for this. You’ll need one standard size box or about half of a family size box. 
  • 10 oz marshmallows
  • 1/4 cup real butter
  • Non-stick spray
  • A 9×13 in baking pan

Note: The amount of cereal you use is totally up to you. The more cereal you use, the less sticky your bars will be. The less cereal you use, the more stretchy and marshmallow-y the bars will be. It’s all up to your personal preference, so feel free to try it both ways and see what you prefer.

Start by melting your butter on medium-low heat in a medium to large pan. While it’s melting, put your cereal in a very large bowl. I should have used one that was even bigger than this, because mine still ended up spilling out and making a bit of a mess while mixing! Also, go ahead and spray your baking pan very well with the non stick spray.

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When your butter is all melted, mix in all your marshmallows and keep stirring gently until they’re completely melted. Now you need to work quickly. Pour the warm marshmallow goo into your cereal bowl, and quickly stir it all together.

See why you need a big bowl? Haha! It will get very sticky while you’re mixing, so work quickly. When it’s all mixed, spray your  clean hands with non stick spray as well, and use them to spread the cereal mixture down into your pan. Now you just need to set the pan on a countertop and let it cool down for about 45 minutes so the marshmallow firms up.

When it’s cooled down, take your pan and flip it upside down onto a cutting board. You may need to smack it against the counter a few times to loosen the cereal from the pan. This bottom side isn’t the prettiest, so I always like to flip it back over. That way the pretty side is up. Now take a knife, spray with with non-stick (trust me on this one) and start cutting your bars.

I cut mine into long strips, and then cut them into short bars. These are very sweet, so smaller bars are better.

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You’re all done! This Easy Cereal Bars Recipe is super extra yummy and a family favorite!

And did a mention very, very marshmallow-y? We’re a big fan of marshmallows over here.

These keep for 3-4 days in an airtight bag, but I recommend eating them quickly as cereal does go stale quickly when mixed with any type of liquid. Though that shouldn’t be a problem, as I bet they won’t survive more than a couple of days. If you’re making these for a bake sale, I highly recommend making two batches so your kids don’t eat them all before sale day!

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