Easy Bird Hidden Picture Activities

This new set of Easy Bird Hidden Pictures is absolutely adorable! Our growing collection of these coloring and matching worksheets is ever so popular. Among these printables you’ll find a mischievous looking ostrich, a very cool penguin, and a pretty regal eagle. (The love birds and the owl are my personal favorites of this hide and seek set.)

Easy Bird Hidden Pictures

These easy coloring puzzle pages are perfect for pre-K and kindergarten age kids who love to color and are looking for a challenge. Print out a worksheet at a time or the entire set or pages. Your child can find the item within the picture and color it, or color the entire page and circle the shapes found. Hidden picture activity worksheets are great for practicing shape and matching recognition. They are also effective tools to help hone observation skills and paying attention to detail.

These activity pages are great boredom busters to take along with you in the car, during waiting room visits, at restaurants or simply while you’re needing some quiet time. They are also popular classroom activities: used at stations, classroom celebrations and during times of renewed concentration and focus.

Easy Bird Hidden Pictures

We have more puzzles like this in our PDF Hidden Pictures for Kids bundle!

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