Four New Easter Worksheets to Print

Easter is coming up so soon – I can’t believe how quickly winter flew by this year! Here are three brand-new Easter worksheets, suitable for kids in grades 2-5. First up is an Easter word search, which is a fun filler activity for any time of the day. Next is a one page summary of the secular history of Easter, including when the holiday is celebrated and the origins of the Easter Bunny tradition. It also has some fun trivia facts about how many marshmallow Peeps and chocolate eggs we consume every year! This page can be handed out to your students or read aloud in class.

Thirdly, there is a short 6 question multiple choice quiz about the content of the Easter history reading page to test your students reading comprehension. And lastly, there is another page with four subjective, short answer questions to use Easter themes in short math activities you can complete in student pairs or groups.

Whew! Did you catch all of that? There are plenty of Easter activities on this page and lots of different ways to use them. The most important part, though, is for the kids to have some fun (while accidentally learning) celebrating the holiday with all of the good things that it brings.

Download 185+ pages of printable Easter activities all at once here!

These Easter printables manage to hit on a lot of the most well-loved symbolism of the holiday, with bunnies, chicks, colored eggs, and so on and are appropriate whether you celebrate the religious aspect of Easter or view it as a fun secular holiday. Keep in mind, too, that these are a great distraction in the car, so if you’re planning a road trip to be with family or friends for Easter, print them out and have them on hand to keep your kids occupied.


Be sure to also print out the answer keys!

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