Easter Story Starters

Here’s the newest addition to our increasingly popular printable story starters – Easter themed writing prompts! Have your students tell you what would happen if the Easter Bunny sent them an email. (What would he say, and how the heck would he type with his paws?!) What would they do if they found a magic wand in their Easter basket? What if we didn’t have an Easter Bunny at all – and instead had an Easter Dragon? Would it breathe jellybeans instead of fire?

I like these Easter story starters because they really stretch the imagination beyond what might be a more typical Easter story. I mean, whoever heard of a rabbit using a computer?!

Story starters are great writing practice for grades 3 through 6, although parents could definitely transcribe stories dictated to them by younger siblings who don’t yet know how to write. Perhaps they could even leave them near the front door as a little gift for the Easter Bunny to say thanks for the basket.

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Dying hard-boiled eggs and dressing up in fancy Easter outfits are definitely a regular part of most kids’ holiday routine, and story starters like this encourage them to think in different directions. It keeps them in the spirit of the holiday, for sure, but also gives them a chance to get even more creative during this time. You might even want to save them and hang them up each year as a special addition to your Easter decor. It would be fun for the kids to see what they wrote in previous years and makes an awesome memento for parents who watch their children grow far too quickly.

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