Easter Egg Animal Craft Project

When my boys were littler we used to make people and animals with plastic Easter eggs. They reminded me of my Weeble People toys from my childhood. The boys loved to use sharpies and craft foam to make little pigs, cows, chicks, and bunnies. Our Easter Egg Animal Craft Project days were some of my favorite days with the boys. And, I can’t wait to share how easy they are to make!

Easter Egg Animal Craft

Easter Egg Animal Craft Project

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Animal Project Supplies:

  • Plastic Easter eggs.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue gun and glue.
  • Sharpie markers. 
  • Craft foam or construction paper.
  • Googley eyes.
  • Pom poms.

These little animals would be perfect for classroom play centers or play centers at home! My boys loved using them with their building logs and play train sets.

Let’s get started! You will need to help younger kids make these because of the hot glue. But, you could just let the younger crafters decorate their Easter Egg Animal Craft Project with sharpies.

First, gather your supplies. We made a chick and a bunny, so we used pink and yellow craft foam, pom poms, googley eyes, and hot glue to secure it all.

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Begin by drawing out the bunny’s ears and feet as well as the chick’s wings, feet, and beak on craft foam (or construction paper).

Next, cut those out.

Finally, use hot glue to secure the craft foam, eyes, and pom poms to the eggs. I used a yellow pom pom on top of the chick to mimic the tufts of feathers. Then, I glued the wings, feet, beak and googley eyes in the appropriate spaces. I repeated those steps for the bunny, but added the pom pom to the back as a cotton tail.

That’s it! I hope this fun Easter Egg Animal Craft Project has inspired you to create your own little egg animal farm! I dropped the chick and bunny off for my mom’s classroom and her kids have loved playing with them!

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