Easter Betty Bonnet Printable Vintage Paper Dolls

I have SUCH a soft spot in my heart for vintage everything. I have a huge personal ephemera collection of very old books, magazines and cards, and have been able to scan them over the years to share some vintage printables with you in the past. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite items of all – a set of Betty Bonnet paper dolls originally distributed in a 1918 issue of Ladies Home Journal. The collection was originally titled, “Betty Bonnet’s Spring and Easter Party”, with paper girl dolls and paper boy dolls along with Edwardian era Easter outfits, toys, and household items. In fact, I loved this set so much I used to sell it on Etsy, but finally decided it’s just too adorable to put behind a paywall. So today I’m releasing these printable vintage paper dolls for free!

I know that paper dolls aren’t as common of a toy as they were many years ago, but they are still charming and fun for children to play with. There are no real instructions for paper dolls, simply cut them out, and fold the tabs so that the changes of clothing stay in place on the dolls. You may want to print them out on card stock to make a slightly sturdier toy.

Download 185+ pages of printable Easter activities all at once here!

Free Betty Bonnet Easter Printable Vintage Paper Dolls


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