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Earth Day is April 22! The goal of the day is to attract public attention to the growing needs for cleaner air and water. Additionally, the need to conserve the earth’s natural resources is highlighted. Space exploration plays an important role in preserving our environment because of the need to study Earth’s atmosphere and monitor ice activity from satellites. And somewhat ironically, space exploration also is important in case we as humans do so much irreparable damage to our environment that earth will no longer be able to support life at some point in the future. It’s a scary thought, but one we hope will encourage everyone to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

9 Free Earth Day Printables

I remember the first time I heard about Earth Day in 1990. It turns out that Earth Day has been around since 1970. 1990 was the Earth Day 20th anniversary! We are thrilled that Earth Day has come such a long way since then, so celebrate this year with some Earth Day printable mazes – printed on recycled paper, of course!

Of course, it’s not all gloom and doom.  We are doing far more recycling than ever before, due in no small part to greater awareness because of things like Earth Day.  Both governments and individual entrepreneurs are hard at work to find more sustainable methods for living on this beautiful blue planet of ours, too.  Solar, wind, tides…these are just some of the alternative energy sources that are being investigated as an alternative to those that tend to cause more pollution, and electric and hybrid cars are growing in popularity as they become more affordable and reliable.  These are all positive ways that we are working toward a healthier world and are great conversation starters while the kiddos are busily working on their Earth Day coloring sheets and activities.

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