DIY Wood Slice Rudolph Ornament

When my boys were in elementary school I loved getting their holiday art projects. I especially loved their art projects that included their finger prints. And, as we began decorating the house this year for the holidays, I thought it would be fun to have the big kids make me some new holiday crafts! My very favorite one, though, is the adorable DIY Wood Slice Rudolph Ornament with my 13 year old’s thumbprint.

DIY Wood Slice Rudolph Ornament

DIY Wood Slice Rudolph Ornament

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Wooden Ornament Art Painting Supplies:

  • Wood Slices – We used logs from our wood pile, but craft stores sell them too. 
  • Red paint.
  • Paint palette or paper plate.
  • Googly eyes.
  • Twigs.
  • Ribbon.  
  • Hot glue gun and glue.
  • Optional – School glue.

My mom and sister are early childhood teachers, and they are SO excited to make these with their classes. Let’s get started!

Begin by gathering your supplies. We found a log from our wood pile and cut it into slices with our chop saw. However, you can buy wood slices at craft and big box stores. I also asked the boys to gather twigs from the yard to use as antlers.

Now, cut a piece of ribbon. Then, hot glue the twigs and ribbon onto the back of the wood slice.

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Once the glue is cool to touch, flip the wood slice over. You can use more hot glue to secure the googly eyes, or you can let the little ones use school glue to secure them.

Finally, dip your little one’s thumb into red paint and have them place it under the eyes in the middle of the wood slice.

That’ it! I hope this fun little craft has inspired you to create your own DIY Wood Slice Rudolph ornament with your little (or big) kids this holiday season. I know I am so glad we all made these together this year!

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