DIY Toy Car Track from a Box

The boys and I have been busy doing homeschool projects and making fun new activities for their cousins to play with. I have really let the boys be as creative as they want to be with their projects, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. My nephew has a newfound love for toy cars, so one of my boys thought it would be fun to make a car track for his cousins to enjoy. So, we found a drink box in the garage and gathered some paint and made a fun little DIY Toy Car Track!

DIY Toy Car Track

Here’s a few more craft ideas to make out of old boxes!

DIY Toy Car Track Project


  • 1 Box Lid or Drink Box Flat.
  • Paint and Paint Brush. 
  • Small Cars.
  • Pencil.
  • Optional – Construction paper, scissors, and glue.

My son decided the Box Car Track should have a lake and grassy area, so he made a Figure-Eight style roadway. He placed two small cars side by side to determine how wide the track needed to be, and used a pencil to draw it out.

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Once he was happy with the layout, he painted the track. After the track dried, he painted yellow divider lines on the roadway, and then painted a lake a grassy area in the middle.

He decided to include some construction paper in the box so my niece and nephew could add construction paper trees, stop signs, and a dock on the lake. I loved that he wanted to share the creative experience with his cousins.

That’s it! I hope I have inspired you to recycle some of the boxes you may have in your home to make a fun project with your little car lover!

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