DIY Snakeskin Science Craft

I have lived in Florida for my entire life, so snakes are just a part of our life. But, I am not a big fan, and I will not actually pick up a discarded snake skin if I see one. However, my boys and students always loved finding garden snakes and skins outside. Unfortunately, snake skins have become harder and harder to find, so we would make our own with this DIY Snakeskin Science Craft!

DIY Snakeskin Science Craft

DIY Snakeskin Science Craft for All Ages

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Snake Craft Project Supplies:

  • Plastic toy snake.
  • Foam paint brush.
  • School glue.
  • Parchment Paper

This project is such a cool craft for science centers! And, it is almost as good as a real snake skin. But, it does take several hours to complete, so be aware of that before you get started.

Let’s get started!

First, place a piece of parchment paper or wax paper on your work surface.

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Then, pour some glue onto the parchment paper. Next, dip the foam paint brush in to the glue and paint a thick coat of glue onto the toy snake.

Allow your paint to dry for several hours or overnight. Once the paint has fully dried, bend the snake toy to loosen the glue on the snake. Then, carefully start peeling the glue off of the toy snake. If your snake isn’t too curved, you may be able to peel it off in one large section. Our snake toy had several bends in it, so it was a little harder to peel the glue skin off of it. But, we did get some longer sections.

This was such an awesome craft, and the kids loved looking at the scales on the glue skin!

That’s it! I hope this awesome DIY Snakeskin Science Craft has inspired you to create your own faux snakeskin and learn a little bit about snakes.

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