DIY School Earbud Case

DIY School Earbud Case

Let’s learn how to make this DIY School Earbud Case! In today’s more technologically advanced world, kids are using computers daily at school, and personal earbuds are showing up on everyone’s back to school list. However, I noticed that the little ones have difficulty wrangling those thin cords, and keeping the earbuds clean and undamaged in their pencil cases. This DIY School Earbud Case solves all those problems at once, and can be made with your child’s favorite colors too! Here’s what you’ll need.

Here are more of our back to school crafts!


  • Mint container. I prefer these plastic round ones, because they fit most styles of earbuds perfectly.
  • Paper of choice.
  • Scissors.
  • Permanent adhesive roller.

Start by carefully peeling off the labels on your mint container. Try your best to keep these intact, as we’ll be using them as the patterns for our paper. Separate the container into it’s parts, and wash and dry it throughly.

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Snap the container back together, and set it aside. Now, choose your decorative paper. Flip it over, and use the label stickers to trace circles onto your paper.

For the bigger circle of the front label, you’ll notice it already has a fold on it. If your use the same container I do, this bigger half of the circle will say “many” or “share” on it. Fold this section back along that line and trace along the line. Make a note on your paper which side is the bigger one.

Go ahead and cut your circles out carefully. Also, fold the circle with the line back along that line like shown. Flip your container to the back and grab the smaller circle.

Cover the back of the circle with adhesive, and smooth it in place on the back of your container. Now flip you container top side up. Hold your big circle near the container, making sure the fold will line up properly against the big opening of the container. Now, on the not labeled side of the fold, put adhesive on the paper like shown.

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Then, on the container, just put adhesive only on the lid piece that opens up. Line up the lines on the container and the paper, and then smooth both sides down. Doing it this way ensures that you won’t accidentally glue the side that’s supposed to open shut. Now your container should open nd close freely, bending at the fold we made in the paper.

Now all your need to do is gently wrap your earbuds around 3 fingers and slip them inside the container! They’ll stay neat, clean, and organized until you’re ready to use them!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this DIY School Earbud Case, and I hope it helps your little one stay more organized. Just a tip, you can use this for your earbuds too! I like keeping a set in my purse for those just in case moments, and this case is the perfect thing for that too!

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