DIY Painted Ring Dish Tutorial

DIY Painted Ring Dish

Have you seen those adorable ring dishes in stores? They’re actually super easy to make yourself! Today I’m sharing how to make this DIY Painted Ring Dish that you can customize to match your favorite colors. Let’s get started!


DIY Painted Ring Dish


  • Ceramic plain ring dish. These can be found at craft stores like Michael’s for between $2 – $4.
  • Multi surface craft paint.
  • Paint brush. Any smaller kind will do.
  • Oil-based sharpie paint pen.

For a trendy effect, pair a pastel or bright color with a metallic paint pen. I used teal and silver, but some other ideas are pink and gold, or navy blue and rose gold.

Make sure your ring dish is clean, dry, and free of fingerprints or oil. Then go ahead and paint the inside and top edge of your ring dish with your paint. Thin layers are best, and I recommend at least 2 layers. I really like satin finish paints for this project, but feel free to use your favorite finish.

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Let it dry for at least an hour between layers, and two hours before the next step.

Now that your dish is dry, grab your paint pen. Make sure it’s primed and ready to work with by following the instructions on the pen.

Use your pen to paint all around the top and side edge of your dish. Cover all the base color paint where it meets the white. If the base color goes down too far in a spot or two, just scratch it off with your nail.

See how the edge looks like it’s been dipped in metal? It’s such an easy trend to recreate.

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Now let your whole dish dry for at least 48 hours before using it.

Fill it with some pretty jewelry, or a watch, or even use it to keep small office supplies corralled. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this DIY Painted Ring Dish with me!

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