DIY Checkers Game

When my kids were younger I used to carry an activity bag full of quiet toys with me. I took it to doctor’s appointments, restaurants, and any other place I needed them to play quietly. They were only allowed to play with the quiet bag toys when we were out. A lot of the activities I kept in the bag were homemade games. They loved, and still do love, to play checkers. But, they were terrible about keeping the pieces together. So, we used buttons or whatever else we could find in place of the pieces. And, since they just rediscovered our checker board with no pieces, we decided o make a new DIY Checkers Game.

DIY Checkers Game

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DIY Checkers Game Project



  • 2 Pieces of Construction Paper in coordinating colors.
  • Scissors. 
  • Glue.
  • Clear Packing Tape.
  • Buttons.
  • School Folder.
  • Zip Top Baggie.

Begin by marking 1″ strips on your papers.

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Then, cut out eight one inch strips from each sheet of paper.

Now, begin weaving your paper into a checkerboard. We started the first row, and then secured the pieces onto the school folder with clear packing tape. You could glue it down too.

Continue to weave each piece of paper until you are finished. Glue the edges onto the folder.

Then, cover the entire checker board with clear tape to help make the whole board more durable.

Finally, tape a zip top bag to the other side of the folder, this will be the button holder.

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That’s it! I hope I’ve inspired you to add a little fun to your day and make a DIY Checkers Game!

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