DIY Balloon Paddle Ball Game

I have four teenage boys. They don’t always love it when I take away screen time. But, as a mom, I don’t want them on a screen all the time. So, after we finish our home school sessions, we play some sort of game. Then, I let them have screen time. We have a large backyard with a pool, but it’s still too cool to swim. It is, however, perfect for a paddle ball game. Unfortunately, my youngest son has asthma and it is pollen season here, so we made an indoor safe game of paddle ball all the boys can play! This is a great activity that can be made with stuff you probably have laying around the house.

DIY Balloon Paddle Ball

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Balloon Paddle Ball Game DIY



  • Cardboard Scraps.
  • Duct Tape or Other Heavy Duty Tape. 
  • Scissors or Utility Knife.
  • Bowl.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Balloons.

I have a ton of boxes in the garage at any given time, so I grabbed a few sturdy boxes and the boys and I got to work.

We began the project by tracing a bowl on our pieces of cardboard. Then, we used a ruler to draw a handle for our paddles. We decided that each paddle needed two or three layers of cardboard for the handles.

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Once we traced all of our paddles and handles on to the cardboard, we were ready to cut out all of the pieces. I have heavy duty scissors that can cut through cardboard easily. If they didn’t, I would have used a utility knife.

After each piece was cut, we layered the handle pieces with one on each side of the paddle, and taped them in place with duct tape. Two of my boys used hockey tape to tape the handles together, but, you can use whatever you have at home.

Finally, blow up a balloon halfway and play an epic game of Balloon Paddle Ball inside or outside. We decided we would make a set for their cousins and do a door drop with some fun at home games and activities too.

I hope I have inspired you to play some DIY Balloon Paddle Ball!

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