Dish Soap To Vase Upcycle

Hi everyone! I’ve always believed that you can make craft projects fit your favorite design aesthetic rather than every craft project looking “crafty” or “homemade.” I love modern, clean, minimal design and have been figuring out how to incorporate that into my upcycle projects recently. Today we’re going to do this super minimal dish soap to vase upcycle project. If you don’t have an empty dish soap bottle handy, you can also use an oil bottle or even a sauce bottle for a similar shape!

Dish Soap To Vase Upcycle

If you don’t have an empty dish soap bottle handy or prefer using glass, you can also use an oil bottle or even a sauce bottle for a similar shape! I did have to use faux flowers as it’s been in the 30’s where I live (yes, in May) and no flowers are growing quite yet. Here’s what you’ll need to make our vase!

You can make flower pens to go inside, too!

Dish Soap to Vase Upcycle


  • empty and cleaned out dish soap, oil, or sauce bottle
  • black multi surface paint
  • white multi surface paint
  • utility knife
  • paintbrush

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Start by making sure your bottle is washed and dry, and any removable labels are removed. If you’re using a dish soap bottle like I am, use a utility knife to cut off the top at the thinnest point. Try to cut straight across. Paint the outside of your soap bottle with the black paint, letting it dry an hour between coats. Add coats until any permanent labeling is covered up and the color is opaque. I used a chalkboard paint for a satin finish, but a matte finish paint could look really cool too.

When the paint is completely dry, use your white paint to make a 1/4 inch line on the top edge of your bottle. Make sure to paint the cut edge as well. You’ll need several layers of white to cover the black and look crisp, so be patient! Make sure to let each layer dry completely before adding the next.

Dish Soap To Vase Upcycle

When it’s all dry, you’re done!

Dish Soap To Vase Upcycle

Just add flowers and display your new vase wherever you’d like! I love putting vases with little bits of greenery in windowsills and adding a bright flower into an otherwise boring corner of a room. I hope you all give this dish soap to vase upcycle project a try!

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