Decoupaged Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

I will admit right up front that I don’t have a lot of experience with decoupage, so this craft was a little hit and miss for me at first.  Once I saw how beautifully these handmade Christmas ornaments turned out, however, I decided that I’d probably be willing to give decoupage a second chance!  This is one of those crafts that I did with my preschooler while also making a more “grown up” version.  I’ll share both here.

For these handmade decoupaged fabric Christmas ornaments, you will need:

  • 3″ Styrofoam balls
  • decoupage medium/glue
  • fabric scraps
  • paint brush
  • ribbon
  • skewer
  • embellishments

To start, push a skewer through the Styrofoam ball.  This gives you a way to hold it without decoupaging yourself to within an inch of your life.  You can also stick the bottom of the skewer into a foam wreath so your Christmas ornaments can dry and to hold them still when you decorate them.

Next, brush decoupage medium onto the foam ball.  Place fabric scraps onto the ball, brushing more medium over them.  Continue to do this, overlapping fabric wherever you need to, until the entire ball is covered.  Set it aside to dry for a couple of hours.

Once the ornament is dry, you can add a ribbon for a hanger.

Once the ornament is dry, you can add a ribbon for a hanger.

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I removed the skewer and then used it to push a very thin red ribbon through.  I then tied some small jingle bells to the end to keep it from pulling back out.

After that, you can embellish as you wish.

What I Learned the Hard Way: I used fabric scraps that were left over from the scrap fabric Christmas wreath we made, thinking it would be great to have these ornaments match the wreath.  That worked out well, but I discovered that 2″ square pieces of fabric were too big.  I ended up cutting the squares into quarters so the cloth would lay better on the round ball.

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  1. kaden rainey

    I think this is going to be a fun craft that the children are going to love.It’s going to be fun waching the children help make the ornaments.I love the creative thought you guys had.

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