How To Decorate Binder Clips

How To Decorate Binder Clips

School and office supplies are necessary and useful, but the basics can often be boring. In today’s tutorial, I’m teaching you how to decorate binder clips! You can use the same techniques with different materials to make your binder clips match your favorite style, whether you like a more glamorous effect or bright and playful! Let’s get started!

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How To Decorate Binder Clips


  • Binder clips.
  • Opaque washi tape. You don’t want standard translucent washi for this.
  • Craft knife.
  • Self-adhesive rhinestones. Or any other decoration, but flat pieces hold the best.

Start by placing the end of your washi tape down on your binder clip as shown, tucking it into the curled edge. You want it centered, and as straight as possible. Wrap it all the way around your clip, tuck it down into the curled edge, and trim it off with your craft knife. Now do the same on either side of your center piece. You want the washi to be touching or slightly overlapping, and try to match up the pattern for a clean finished look. You’ll have over hang on the sides, but we’ll take care of that in a minute.

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Take your craft knife, and run it along the sides of the binder clip to gently trim off the excess tape. For my decoration, I used  “bling on a roll” that I got at Michael’s crafts. It’s rhinestones on a roll of invisible adhesive, and I love it for all kinds of things. I just trimmed it to size and put it on the end of the binder clip. Make sure any decorations you use go only on the end of the clip, because anything on the sides will get squished when you actually use the clip.

You’re all done! I just shared the basic technique here, but you can use your imagination and create all kinds of binder clips. This is a great project for using up those little bits and bobs you have left over in your craft drawer, and make great last minute teacher gifts!!

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