Cute Polymer Clay Bookmark Tutorial

Cute Polymer Clay Bookmark Tutorial

Hi there! Today I’m sharing this Cute Polymer Clay Bookmark Tutorial. This cute little book is simple to make, and looks cute in a book or planner. If you haven’t worked with polymer clay before, check out my Introduction to Polymer Clay for the basics!

Cute Polymer Clay Bookmark Tutorial


  • Polymer clay in white and blue. Or whatever colors you’d like.
  • Clay blade. Or plastic cutting tool.
  • Metal paper clip.
  • Needle tool.
  • Clay roller.
  • Porcelain tile. Or other work surface.
  • Copy paper.

Start by taking some white clay and rolling it into a ball. Use your clay roller and roll it out in a rectangular shape. Then use your blade tool to cut out two matching rectangles.

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Place your metal paper clip onto one of the rectangles, and press down gently. Then place the other rectangle on top and press them together firmly to sandwich the paper clip. Use your fingers to gently reshape the rectangle and smooth out the edges.

Now take some blue (or other color) clay and roll it into a ball. Then roll it out into a rough rectangular shape. Use your bade to cut one side of the rectangle completely straight, and line your white clay covered paper clip up on it like this.

Trim the one side and the top to fit. Then roll your paper clip on it’s side, and over onto the other side like shown. Take your clay blade and trim off the excess.

Pick up your little book and gently press so the blue cover adheres to the white pages. The use your finger to smooth out any rough spots from trimming. Next, take your needle tool and drag it along all three visible edges of the white clay repeatedly to create the look of pages.

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Now set your book down. Take your needle tool and press it into the cover where the spine of the book would start. Do this on both sides. Then you can also use your needle tool to make little indents on the spine of the book as well. If you’d like to add any decorations to the cover, like words or a little clay picture, go ahead and do this now. Once you’re all ready, set it on a piece of copy paper to prevent shine spots, and bake according to the clay manufacturer’s instructions. In my case, I used Sculpey clay and baked mine at 275 F for 25 minutes.

And here’s your finished book! These are so much fun to make, and would make a great teachers gift too!

This is what it looks like sticking out of a book! So cute! I hope you enjoyed this Cute Polymer Clay Bookmark Tutorial!

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