Cute Inchworm Sock Project

Cute Inchworm Sock Project

Hello there! Are you looking for a fun project to fill a boring afternoon? Today I’m going to show you how to make this Cute Inchworm Sock Project! It’s a perfect way to recycle a stained or lonely single sock into an adorable little friend. Here’s what you’ll need.

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Cute Inchworm Sock Project


  • An old white sock
  • Alcohol based markers. Sharpies work great for this, and so do any alcohol based art markers
  • Strips of scrap cardboard
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Small hair bands
  • White rice
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Q-tips or a dropper
  • Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paper towels
  • 1/4 cup measuring cup

Start by cutting a couple strips of scrap cardboard to just slightly smaller than your sock. These will keep the sock still while we’re working on it and will absorb some of the excess liquid from the markers and alcohol. Place the cardboard inside your sock and arrange it so it lays flat. Now grab a few of your markers. I went for a pink and blue theme, but you can do rainbow or any variety of colors you would like. Start coloring your sock with your markers, all over in random blotches.

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You can leave a little white space if you’d like, or fill the whole thing with color. It’s up to you! When one side of your sock is all colored in, put some of the rubbing alcohol in the cap and grab your q tip or your dropper, and start putting the alcohol all over the sock. As the marker gets wet it will start to bleed and blend together. It will also look much lighter, but don’t worry, it darkens back to the original color as it dries.

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol or want something that’s less prone to spilling easily, you can also use hand sanitizer! Yep, as long as it’s an alcohol based hand sanitizer, it will work just the same! After you finish the first side of your sock, flip it over onto a paper towel and work on the other side! When all of your sock is colored in and the colors have been blended using the alcohol, go ahead and hang the sock up for  a couple hours to dry completely.

See how bright the colors get when it’s fully dry? Now we’re ready to finish making our little inchworm! You’re going to take 1/4 cup of rice and drop it down into your sock. Use you hands to shape the rice inside the sock into a nice round shape.

Now take one of your hair ties, and wrap it around the sock at the top of the rice, making sure it’s snug against the rice and wrapped tightly. Go ahead and take the time to shape it a bit more if you need to, because this will be the head of our inchworm. Now go ahead and add your next scoop of rice, and shape it.

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And then tie it off with a hair band. You’re going to continue doing this until your inchworm is the length you want, or you run out of sock. When you get to the end, make sure the last hair tie is snug and then fold the end of the sock back. Place a good sized blob of hot glue to seal that end.

While the glue is still warm, fold the sock end back to normal, and trim off any excess with a sharp pair of scissors. Squeeze the ends together to make sure they all seal. Your inchworm should look like this!

Now it’s time to make it look extra cute! Use you hot glue gun to add your googly eyes onto the head. Now cut two pieces of your pipe cleaner about 2-3 inches long, and wrap one end of each around a pencil to make the antennae.

Put some hot glue on the end of each piece, and push them into your inchworm’s head.

You’re all done! You have a cute little inchworm to sit on your desk or bookshelf and hang out with you! Don’t forget to give your inchworm a name. This one is named Ava!

I hope you enjoyed leaning how to make this Cute Inchworm Sock Project today!

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