Cute Animals Coloring Pages

We have a lot of coloring pages around here, but I think this set below is one of my favorites. These animals are just so darned CUTE! They make me want to plaster them around my daughter’s room, or turn them into embroidery patterns and make fancy tea towels.

These designs are quite simple, yet pretty striking.  Rather than relying on lots of detail, they are pretty straightforward.  The simplicity means they’re also a great choice as coloring pages for toddlers who are just really learning how to put crayon to paper!  They can also be helpful for learning to recognize animals and practicing the sounds they make, or talking about what kinds of “home” each has.  For example, the owl below would live in a nest, and the fox would live in a den.

15 Unbelievably Cute Animal Coloring Pages

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These are also fun for showing kids how simple shapes can come together to make a bigger picture.  You can point out how the owl’s head is pretty much an oval with a heart inside, how the koala’s head can be made with three circles, and how a diamond shape makes a great beak for the penguin.  Because the line drawings are so simple, you could also encourage your kiddos to build their drawing skills by tracing the various animals to get a feel for how to create their own.

No matter how you decide to use these cute animal coloring pages, there’s no doubt that the outcome is going to be ahhh-dorable!

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